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July NCTTA Newsletter

Take a gander and read about what is going on in College pong these days!
What is included?
-NCTTA Election results
-NCTTA Scholarships:
-TOPSPIN the movie:
-NCTTA positions are open, help us out:

  • Panhandle (North Florida, South Georgia)
  • Carolina (North Carolina, parts of South Carolina)
  • Kansas
  • Dixie (Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana)
  • New Jersey

and MORE

Guess What---the 2012 Champs are almost here!

This is the time of year when we here at NCTTA are super busy, but super stoked for our Championships and this year is no different! 2012 NCTTA College Table Tennis Championships are happening in Plano, TX this year and our sponsors are Newgy Industries and for the first time in NCTTA history, Butterfly North America!
We are organizing Registration, coordinating numbers, getting our facility figured out and rolling out the proverbial red carpet for teams and another first for NCTTA our own singles and doubles tournament!
What to look for this year:

  • Online streaming of the championships (a couple more camera angles too!)
  • The women's competition is fierce and Texas Wesleyan is not even ranked number 1 this year
  • Men's singles draw is redonkulous (ridiculous for those that prefer correct english lol) almost 1/2 of the draw is above 2000 in NCTTA College ratings!

Look for our updates on Twitter, Facebook and through press releases here:
If you live in the Plano, Dallas, Ft Worth, TX area don't be shy come on out!

Butterfly, Gore (not the politician), San Jose and MORE
The 2011 October NCTTA Newsletter is out! Don't you all love how we put the monthly newsletter at the end of the month! lol
I tried my hand at rhyme scheme with the "Gore and more" part....but my literary friends tell me it was absolutely horrible. No matter...we are talking College Pong here. Butterfly is NCTTA's New League/Championship Sponsor and we are stoked! Nelson Gore is one of our new Regional Directors and yes again we are about these things and the NCTTA Newsletter:
Did you all see the HUUUGE Fall 2011 Schedule yet?! Take a peak at as we are updating more and more division tournaments daily!

NCTTA welcomes Butterfly to the College TT party!

NCTTA welcomes Butterfly to the College Pong Party! and
NCTTA's Public Relations Director, Andy Kanengiser told me the other day about our new partner, Butterfly: "While other collegiate sports are feeling the impact of cuts as America's bad economy lingers..table tennis is in a growth mode..At this time, the NCTTA is happy to welcome a new partner, Butterfly North America, to spur more expansion for our Olympic sport on more than 150 campuses in North America and Canada."
We are pretty excited about working with Butterfly.  Butterfly works with an extensive Dealer network so we would encourage you to reach out to them.
For Butterfly equipment, please go to, or contact DJ Settle,, for a Butterfly dealer near you.”

2011 September--lots of stuff going on!

So we have a pretty busy month here with School just starting up and NCTTA Registration open and the weather changing (for some)!

Smells, feels, sounds like the start of a new College Table Tennis season!

So in our newsletter did y'all see the new changes in NCTTA? Take a look at this page it shows alot of moving around for alot of schools and divisions:

We have REGIONS now...this is a whole new concept for NCTTA in that we have kept the same format since 1998 (when I first came on board) and maybe even earlier then that. What was the format? DIVISION---CHAMPIONSHIPS and it worked out ok....but we are growing so much that we have add another tier and this year we have added the REGIONs and their REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS and SINGLES (more on this later). Anyways I am so PUMPED about this and I hope you all will be too as we have put alot of work into this in the off season.

Remember to Register for NCTTA this season as the deadline is OCTOBER 1st (you can pay later but you pay a late fee of 50 bucks) why wait?

Until next time,

Willy (nctta prez)

Pre Season Rankings--2011/12

Remember we are still taking Pre Season Rankings! Email us back by September 6th to participate! Email

  1. Which players that competed for your team in the 2010-2011 season will be returning to compete in the upcoming 2011-2012 season?
  2. Do you know of any new players that will be joining your team and participating in the upcoming season? If so, what are their estimated ratings?
  3. What is your projected team roster for the upcoming season?
  4. Do you currently have or do you plan on recruiting a coach for the upcoming season?
  5. How many non-NCTTA tournaments does your team plan to attend during the upcoming year?
  6. In terms of practice space and time for the 2011-2012 season, do you anticipate having more, less or the same amount as in years past?

2013 NCTTA Champs....we are already looking for places!

NCTTA hasn't even organized the 2012 Championships in Plano yet we are looking for 2013 Championship location already!

Myself (Willy Leparulo), David Del Vecchio and Joe Wells are headed to Chicago this Thursday, Friday, Saturday to take part in a conference geared towards people that do events (like NCTTA) and people that want to host events (like the cities we went to in the past: Rochester, Waukesha, etc.)

We haven't had a University host since 2007 when Ohio State University stepped up to do it, so don't think that we only want cities or sport commissions we would love actually if both Sport commissions and Universities worked together!

The big question is how do you win a bid to host the NCTTA College Table Tennis Championships? Lots of things go into it: (Facility, transportation costs, hotel costs, location to an airport, TT club volunteers, etc.) For more information you can always contact us and we can give you the 4-1-1 on how that works!:)

Anyways wish us luck as Cities and Sport Commissions from all over the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico will be in attendance....

Imagine an NCTTA Champs in Puerto Rico......"pong for thought"

Willy signing off...until next time!

NCTTA enters the Blogging Age

“Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.” As a veritable neophyte (noob) on the whole blogging process I ask for your patience, but more than anything I ask for pairs of eyeballs to read, enjoy and comment on the information about NCTTA and anything associated with College Table Tennis.
First, my name is Willy Leparulo and I am the President of NCTTA and yeah I am definately referring to myself in the first line:) If you have ever received an email from "" or "" that was from me more than likely.
Second, is the WHY and WHAT of this blog and essentially NCTTA is the National Governing Body for College Table Tennis in the USA and Canada and we have alot of new programming, leagues, tournaments, etc. and we want YOU the College Table Tennis student, player, manager, coach, aficionado, alumn, etc. to be well informed of the "WHY's" and "WHAT's" surrounding your favorite sport!
Lastly, why I am excited to be blogging is that encourages you to chat with us and share your excitement, passion and comments with us.
Future topics include:
Re Development: What is it all about and why are we sending you so many emails about it and how it impacts you
2012 Championships: Where is Plano again?
Sponsors are good: and here is why!
Getting involved: NCTTA is only as good as our volunteers