2013 NCTTA Champs....we are already looking for places!

NCTTA hasn't even organized the 2012 Championships in Plano yet we are looking for 2013 Championship location already!

Myself (Willy Leparulo), David Del Vecchio and Joe Wells are headed to Chicago this Thursday, Friday, Saturday to take part in a conference geared towards people that do events (like NCTTA) and people that want to host events (like the cities we went to in the past: Rochester, Waukesha, etc.) http://connectyourmeetings.com/marketplace/

We haven't had a University host since 2007 when Ohio State University stepped up to do it, so don't think that we only want cities or sport commissions we would love actually if both Sport commissions and Universities worked together!

The big question is how do you win a bid to host the NCTTA College Table Tennis Championships? Lots of things go into it: (Facility, transportation costs, hotel costs, location to an airport, TT club volunteers, etc.) For more information you can always contact us and we can give you the 4-1-1 on how that works!:)

Anyways wish us luck as Cities and Sport Commissions from all over the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico will be in attendance....

Imagine an NCTTA Champs in Puerto Rico......"pong for thought"

Willy signing off...until next time!