NCTTA enters the Blogging Age

“Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.” As a veritable neophyte (noob) on the whole blogging process I ask for your patience, but more than anything I ask for pairs of eyeballs to read, enjoy and comment on the information about NCTTA and anything associated with College Table Tennis.
First, my name is Willy Leparulo and I am the President of NCTTA and yeah I am definately referring to myself in the first line:) If you have ever received an email from "" or "" that was from me more than likely.
Second, is the WHY and WHAT of this blog and essentially NCTTA is the National Governing Body for College Table Tennis in the USA and Canada and we have alot of new programming, leagues, tournaments, etc. and we want YOU the College Table Tennis student, player, manager, coach, aficionado, alumn, etc. to be well informed of the "WHY's" and "WHAT's" surrounding your favorite sport!
Lastly, why I am excited to be blogging is that encourages you to chat with us and share your excitement, passion and comments with us.
Future topics include:
Re Development: What is it all about and why are we sending you so many emails about it and how it impacts you
2012 Championships: Where is Plano again?
Sponsors are good: and here is why!
Getting involved: NCTTA is only as good as our volunteers