2011 September--lots of stuff going on!

So we have a pretty busy month here with School just starting up and NCTTA Registration open and the weather changing (for some)!

Smells, feels, sounds like the start of a new College Table Tennis season!


So in our newsletter did y'all see the new changes in NCTTA? Take a look at this page it shows alot of moving around for alot of schools and divisions: http://www.nctta.org/node/4

We have REGIONS now...this is a whole new concept for NCTTA in that we have kept the same format since 1998 (when I first came on board) and maybe even earlier then that. What was the format? DIVISION---CHAMPIONSHIPS and it worked out ok....but we are growing so much that we have add another tier and this year we have added the REGIONs and their REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS and SINGLES (more on this later). Anyways I am so PUMPED about this and I hope you all will be too as we have put alot of work into this in the off season.

Remember to Register for NCTTA this season as the deadline is OCTOBER 1st (you can pay later but you pay a late fee of 50 bucks)...so why wait?

Until next time,

Willy (nctta prez)