2012 February NCTTA Newsletter
What's new?
-2013 CHAMPS location are being decided and you have a say and many of you HAVE A VOTE:
-Butterfly, NCTTA's sponsor has a new online store, check it out:
-The new Atlantic Division has much success:
-Old champion in new division: Gators win Panhandle Division:

Watch it online--MIDWEST REGIONALS--Saturday Feb. 25th
Take a gander as NCTTA brings you live to the NCTTA 2012 Midwest Regional Championships!
Midwest Region includes the following divisions: Minnesota, Upper Midwest, Lower Midwest and Kansas
COED Teams include: Wichita State, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Lindenwood, Northwestern, Purdue, De Paul, and host school Governors State
Women's Teams include: Lindenwood and Governors State
Men's and Women's singles will also be played.
Top 3 COED, TOP 2 Women's teams, TOP 8 Men's Singles and TOP 5 Women's singles will qualify into the 2012 NCTTA COLLEGE TABLE TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS in Plano, TX this year!

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Immortals--College TT eligibility

I think NCTTA has seen the first generation of graduates stay a little longer then expected. No one is an immortal in College Table Tennis. Recently we have put out in our most recent newsletter a small reminder about eligibility and this was certainly on purpose since many players from many schools around the NCTTA nation have seem to be playing past their eligibility (according to our rules).
We don't like to default players that have played too long, it is more work for us and causes great disappointment (especially from your team). Help us help you to follow the rules.

We (NCTTA) depend on you all the players to know how many years you have been in college:) and if you are unsure, contact us PRIOR TO YOUR COMPETITION and we can help you to figure it out.

Length of Eligibility Reminder

From the NCTTA Rules and Regulations:
2.10 Length of Eligibility
An NCTTA player who first competed in the 2007-2008 season or later may compete in NCTTA competitions for a maximum of four (4) academic years. Players who first competed prior to 2007-2008 may compete for up to five (5) academic years. A player has competed in an academic year if he or she has played at least one match for a varsity team or in NCTTA singles/doubles in any NCTTA competition held that academic year.
If there are any doubts or questions about the rules or a player's eligibility, feel free to contact the NCTTA Eligibility Director at

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Butterfly, Gore (not the politician), San Jose and MORE
The 2011 October NCTTA Newsletter is out! Don't you all love how we put the monthly newsletter at the end of the month! lol
I tried my hand at rhyme scheme with the "Gore and more" part....but my literary friends tell me it was absolutely horrible. No matter...we are talking College Pong here. Butterfly is NCTTA's New League/Championship Sponsor and we are stoked! Nelson Gore is one of our new Regional Directors and yes again we are about these things and the NCTTA Newsletter:
Did you all see the HUUUGE Fall 2011 Schedule yet?! Take a peak at as we are updating more and more division tournaments daily!

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NCTTA welcomes Butterfly to the College TT party!

NCTTA welcomes Butterfly to the College Pong Party! and
NCTTA's Public Relations Director, Andy Kanengiser told me the other day about our new partner, Butterfly: "While other collegiate sports are feeling the impact of cuts as America's bad economy lingers..table tennis is in a growth mode..At this time, the NCTTA is happy to welcome a new partner, Butterfly North America, to spur more expansion for our Olympic sport on more than 150 campuses in North America and Canada."
We are pretty excited about working with Butterfly.  Butterfly works with an extensive Dealer network so we would encourage you to reach out to them.
For Butterfly equipment, please go to, or contact DJ Settle,, for a Butterfly dealer near you.”

Tournament Schedules and Locations Updated Sept 27

Updated 9-27-11.
Western Regional Championships
Date: Saturday March 3, 2012
Location: University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
Canuck Division:
Fall Tournament - Date: TBA, Location: TBA
Spring Tournament - Date: TBA, Location: TBA
Northern Calfornia:
Fall Tournament
Date: Saturday December 3, 2011 (Tentative)
Location: TBA
Spring Tournament - Date: TBA, Location: TBA
Fall Tournament - Date: TBA, Location: TBA
Spring Tournament - Date: TBA, Location: TBA
Southern California:
Fall Tournament
Date: Sunday November 13, 2011
Location: Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA
Spring Tournament
Date: Sunday February 12, 2012
Location: Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA
Rocky Mountain:
Fall Tournament
Date: Saturday November 19, 2011
Location: Utah Table Tennis Training and Event Center, West Valley City, UT
Spring Tournament - Date: TBA, Location: TBA

Region Schedule Updated on Wordpress Blog

Hi Everyone!
As the season gets under way, the “Region Schedule” tab on will be constantly updated with the date and location of the division and regional tournaments. As of now, several divisions have already set the date and location of their fall tournaments, please check the “Region Schedule” on tab for more details.

Division Directors!

Division Directors!
Canuck Division:
Calan Lai –

Calan is a 4th year Commerce student majoring in Accounting and Business Technology Management at the University of British Columbia. He has been playing table tennis for about 6 years, using penhold style. Starting table tennis in Grade 10, he joined his school team. From there He went to represent BC in the Canadian Nationals and moved to the UBC NCTTA team. Calan also enjoys skiing with his family and friends as well as video games of all genres.
Northwest Division:
Andrew Aprikyan –

Andrew graduated from school in Armenia then attend graduate school in Moscow. Now Andrew is a medical researcher who studies neutropenia, a rare blood disorder.
Northern California Division:
Sylvan Guo –

Sylvan is a 1st year intended Business major at University of California, Berkeley. A two sided shakehand looper, Sylvan has been playing table tennis for the last ten years. Sylvan has played on the US National Cadet team. Sylvan enjoys cooking, hiking, dancing, and of course, playing table tennis!
Southern California Division:
Adam Bobrow –

Adam graduated from USC’s School of Theatre. Playing shakehand, Adam played for USC while he was an undergraduate. He is interested in many things including acting, philosophy, traveling, language, music, movies, dancing, health, making videos for youtube, comedy, and sports. He has many creative outlets… see some of them at
Rocky Mountain Division:
Bruce Majors –

Bruce graduated from the University Of Utah with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science. He founded the University Of Utah Table Tennis team. Bruce is the middle of 9 kids and started playing table tennis at the age of 8. Bruce plays shakehand. He has played Table Tennis for a long time but was involved in wrestling for even longer.

Welcome to the Western Region!

Welcome Everyone,
This is the newly created blog site for the Western Regional of National Collegiate Table Tennis Association (NCTTA). My name is Kevin Li. I am the Western Regional Director. The purpose of this blog is to keep not only athletes but also community members, parents, and the table tennis community of current news about the Western Region and NCTTA. On this site, I will be posting tournament results, draws, pictures, monthly newsletters, etc. If any athletes or fans have videos/pictures, please feel free to email them to me at and I will post them up!


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2011 September--lots of stuff going on!

So we have a pretty busy month here with School just starting up and NCTTA Registration open and the weather changing (for some)!

Smells, feels, sounds like the start of a new College Table Tennis season!

So in our newsletter did y'all see the new changes in NCTTA? Take a look at this page it shows alot of moving around for alot of schools and divisions:

We have REGIONS now...this is a whole new concept for NCTTA in that we have kept the same format since 1998 (when I first came on board) and maybe even earlier then that. What was the format? DIVISION---CHAMPIONSHIPS and it worked out ok....but we are growing so much that we have add another tier and this year we have added the REGIONs and their REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS and SINGLES (more on this later). Anyways I am so PUMPED about this and I hope you all will be too as we have put alot of work into this in the off season.

Remember to Register for NCTTA this season as the deadline is OCTOBER 1st (you can pay later but you pay a late fee of 50 bucks) why wait?

Until next time,

Willy (nctta prez)


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