Volunteer at the NCTTA Champs

Sending out a help wanted ad for the NCTTA Champs in rhymes: brought to you by Mike Reff of the NCTTA Media Committee

Check it out!

In the third week of April, centered in Round Rock,
Volunteers will help out around the clock.
Calling one, calling all to participate,
In the NCTTA Champs, it will be great.
There are many areas to volunteer,
So let’s jump right in to describe them clear.
TV production has several aspects,
From operating cameras, to scorekeeping graphics,
You’ll help out in set up and breakdown of equipment,
A valuable asset you’ll be using time well-spent.
Umpires help in officiating rules,
Ensuring fair play amongst all competing schools.
Score keepers are needed to keep track of score,
It helps the players know how many points to be sure.
Registration people help check in and gate control,
They’re of immense assistance with the traffic flow.
Media, photography, commentating too,
The list goes on we need all of you!
So if this help wanted ad makes you think
That you want to volunteer, then click on this link!