Pongcast Poetry--

So we challenged our NCTTA poetry master, Mike Reff to rhyme Pongcast and Nittaku thinking it would be impossible....how wrong were we lol

Check out the Pongcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJ1x5M6EnQ4 (familiar voice, NCTTA ALUM, Adam Bobrow)

I know sometimes I can be a verbal bombast,
But I’ve been challenged to rhyme something with pongcast.
With the voice of table tennis, and sponsored by Nittaku,
NCTTA Alum Adam Bobrow rocks the mic through.
Touching on subjects like world rankings and future competitions,
2021’s looking brighter with WTT’s broader vision.
Another newsworthy moment is the group of foreign players,
That ponged in China’s Super League and provided further diplomatic layers.
One such player, NCTTA’s very own alum Lily Zhang,
Three-time Olympian star and collegiate, the very essence of passion for pong.
Channeling the Berkeley Bears and her own team USA,
She uttered out another cry for the Super League “Go Team Koala!” all the way!