New Order of play for 2018 iSET College Table Tennis Championships

NCTTA Championship schedule (changes)
For those looking even more forward to the future there has been a new Championship schedule put forward this year.
Many schools coaches and teams have been clamoring for NCTTA to make a change to its championships schedule and we listened! The order of events have been changed! 
The days of the tournament remain the same (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
The 2018 iSET College TT Championships will however feature a different order.
For those not familiar, in the past Teams would play Friday, Saturday and Sunday and singles/doubles would play only Friday and Saturday, we are reversing this in 2018. 
1. Teams will start on Friday morning and play most of the day and play again on Saturday and end on Saturday and the banquet will still be on Saturday night.
2. Singles/Doubles will start on Friday afternoon to evening, play on Saturday morning and Sunday (all day) and end on Sunday afternoon with a small awards ceremony at the end
How does this effect you?
a. Hotel nights:  Teams start on Friday morning meaning flights into Round Rock, Texas MUST HAPPEN on Thursday night.
b. Singles/Doubles competition ends on Sunday (late afternoon). Depending on how well someone plays, they may not be able to find a flight out on Sunday night since the competition will end later on Sunday (like 5pm)
a. Be Proactive: Today is February 26th (date of this news release), the champs are the weekend of April 20th, which means fundraising for these changes can and should be done now!
b. Missing school?
-Professors can be notified NOW for classes missed for this event
Check back here for more information as it becomes available: