2013-2014 NCTTA League--GET REGISTERED!

Summer is gone and the fall semester has started which also means NCTTA Registration is up for the 2013-2014 season!
Don't be late in organizing your respective clubs and teams for the NCTTA season.
Steps to successful NCTTA Registration are below:

  1. Register via this link: http://www.danserver.com/nctta/MemberApp.asp (it takes like a couple of minutes to fill out, super easy)
  2. Contact your respective Division Director, if you aren't sure contact us: info@nctta.org
  3. Print out an NCTTA Eligibility form and get your teammates to sign it and then take it to your school's Registrar or Front office to sign and VERIFY that you are actually students: http://www.nctta.org/doc/Fall%202013%20Eligibility%20Form.pdf

LAST but not least....PRACTICE HARD!
We have a fun season coming up with the 2014 National Championships in Pennsylvania this year (Monroeville) about 20 minutes outside of Pittsburgh!