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May 2013
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In the Press...Everywhere
Lindenwood University Searching for New Coach
Wanda Wong Plays Vital Role with NCTTA
2013 Superlative Award Winners Announced
Texas Longhorns Bring Style and Talent to 2013 NCTTA Championships
Graduates Make Good
Florida State Alums Team Up at 2013 NCTTA Tournament
Georgia Tech Team Enjoys Midwest Trip
Super Salesman Roger Dickson Promotes Table Tennis Around America
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USATT Membership Discounts for NCTTA Graduates
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This month may represent the start of the "dull" summer days and the end of the Collegiate Table Tennis season, but NCTTA still has plenty going on that may interest you!  NCTTA Championships are in the press in English and yes other languages.  Read this and more here!  

In the Press...Everywhere

NCTTA's College Table Tennis Championships are complete and there has been an unprecedented level of press for the tournament and its winners!


First, hands down to the Texas Wesleyan University Table Tennis Coed team for capturing its 10th title in a row. A decade of Championship wins, an impressive feat that may not ever be repeated!  One of the more interesting notes is all of the press about the Championships from schools that participated to the aforementioned story.  Furthermore if you are able to read Spanish and Portuguese, we have those for you as well as we have Press from the Dominican Republic and Brazil picking up the stories. 


USA Table Tennis will feature several news articles on the 2013 College Championships in their next issue, so check it out there as well!  Look for your issue in early June. 
Lindenwood University Searching for New Coach

By Randy Kendle

NCTTA Treasurer  


Actually...they would like to fill two different positions on two different campuses. Most of college table tennis is aware of the St. Charles campus where Randy & Kelly Kendle created a collegiate program from scratch and brought it to national attention by winning not one, but two, National Women's team titles in the first four years of its existence. But how many of you are aware of the up and coming Lindenwood-Belleville campus located in Belleville, Illinois?


As the sister campus of St. Charles, Belleville is looking to get their feet wet in collegiate table tennis as well. Having seen the success that the Kendles achieved over these last five years, the Lion's administration wonders if they can't clone the concept on the Illinois campus.


Dr. Ryan Guffey, Asst. Vice President for Student Development & Special Projects, is looking to hire a person to work in the International office on the Belleville campus to recruit international students in general and be the table tennis coach of this brand new program.  Interested candidates should send their inquiries to...


Dr. Ryan Guffey
Asst. Vice President for Student Development & Special Projects
Office: 636-255-4475


The St. Charles campus is also looking for a new coach as Randy & Kelly Kendle have turned in their letter of resignation. Their last day will be 5/22/13. Randy's "daytime" contract job as a project manager assigned to Boeing has changed in scope and he will no longer have the time in the evenings or weekends to continue running the table tennis program. Interested candidates should send their inquiries to...


Mr. Mike Elam
Director of Student Life Sports
Office: 636-255-2263


If you've ever thought to yourself "I could run a collegiate table tennis program", now's your chance to prove it.  An unofficial job description can be viewed here [DOC].
Wanda Wong Plays Vital Role with NCTTA
By Andy Kanengiser 
NCTTA Media Relations Committee Chair


Wanda Wong could have easily walked away from the Olympic sport of table tennis after her playing days were over at the University of Western Ontario. But at NCTTA headquarters, we are so fortunate that Wanda chose to stay involved with her favorite athletic activity and boost the sport at scores of colleges all over North America.

Officially, Wanda is the human relations coordinator for the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association, a non-paying job that's keeps her days busy, especially when the national championships roll around in April. The NCTTA oversees more than 160 college table tennis teams.


A native of Ottawa, Ontario in Canada, Wanda lives, eats and breathes table tennis when she's not working in management at a coffee shop in her hometown.

Whether she's pleasing customers with a good cup of coffee or wearing several hats serving NCTTA, Wanda brings many skills to the table. Her voice perks up when she talks about table tennis.


"I am a people person. I love talking to people, meeting people and bringing people together,'' Wanda Wong says. "That's what I do for NCTTA.  I recruit volunteers and I'm also the main contact for Canadian schools that play in the league.''

It doesn't matter if the team is the University of Western Ontario, the University of Ottawa, the University of Toronto or you name the school, Wanda builds bridges between Canada and the USA.


Her game may not nearly be what it was several years ago in college, but she's much more valuable as a volunteer coordinator.  Volunteers are the lifeblood of NCTTA.


"Playing NCTTA in college has made me realize how much I love the sport and the people that are involved,'' says the Ottawa resident. "This encouraged me to get involved, to make the experience worthwhile for someone else as well.''

Table tennis fans and players saw Wanda Wong running all over the place in Rockford, Illinois in mid-April as she worked with NCTTA President Willy Leparulo and others to make sure the April 12-14 national championships ran smoothly. Wanda came in early and stayed late to make sure the three days in the Land of Lincoln were a rewarding experience for all involved.


"I love being part of NCTTA because it brings people together,'' Wanda says. "It amazes me that everyone can come together to play some table tennis. Friends are reunited, new friends are made and everyone is playing a sport that they love.''

Table tennis players, fans, coaches, referees and others in NCTTA ranks should thank Wanda Wong and others make a difference at the national championships and the rest of the season. Whether it's ex-Columbia star Stephanie Shih stepping up as the NCTTA's Jersey Shore Division director, or Wanda Wong doing her thing as HR director, or coaches like Fede Bassetti organizing an impressive team at Northern Illinois University, there are plenty of NCTTA people to thank for their service year-round.


Wanda Wong loves the sport for other reasons - the way it unites people from all walks of life. It doesn't matter if they are physicians, business people, lawyers, educators, truck drivers or folks behind the scenes at restaurants.  "It brings people from unexpected backgrounds together,'' Wanda says.  "Anyone and everyone can enjoy the sport no matter who they are, where they're from or what they do.''


Interested in serving as a volunteer with NCTTA and staying active with the organization once your college table tennis playing days are over? Opportunities are unlimited.


Contact Wanda Wong at wanda.wong@nctta.org

2013 Superlative Award Winners Announced

It's been a great year of college table tennis, but a few people standout for their excellent performances this season.


Here are the 2013 Superlative Award winners:

  • Male Athlete of the Year: Emil Santos (Texas Wesleyan)
  • Female Athlete of the Year: Brana Vlasic (UC San Diego)
  • Rookie of the Year: Alan Chu (University of Missouri)
  • Coach of the Year: Cyrus Aga (University of Western Ontario)
  • Rookie Team of the Year: University of Missouri
  • Most Improved Team: University of South Florida
  • Division Director of the Year: Asif ud-Doula
  • Regional Director of the Year: Willy Leparulo


Each winner will receive a Butterfly gift certificate. Thanks to everyone for sending in nominations.

Texas Longhorns Bring Style and Talent to 2013 NCTTA Championships

By Andy Kanengiser

NCTTA Media Relations Committee Chair 


In cowboy movies going back decades, the good guys usually wore white hats as they outgunned the bad guys in one Western town shootout after another.


In similar fashion, many members of the University of Texas table tennis team were decked out in white hats at the 2013 NCTTA championship banquet in Rockford, Illinois.  They came to the mid-April tournament in the Land of Lincoln with paddles blazing.  The men and women from Austin, Texas gave it their best shot, and had a little fun along the way.  The only table tennis players to come dressed in white hats at the NCTTA's superb Saturday evening banquet at the Raddison Hotel, UT deserves an award for making the best fashion statement in Rockford that weekend!


In the Lone Star State, Texas Wesleyan in Fort Worth is the undisputed giant of the collegiate table tennis world, with ten consecutive team titles under their belt since 2002. But the players at UT-Austin are also very much dedicated to their favorite Olympic sport.  Going into the action at the Forest City Tennis Center, the Texas Longhorns men's/coed team was ranked 16th nationwide, while the UT women were rated in the 10th spot. With an enrollment of 50,000 students, the University of Texas is a powerhouse when it comes to athletics. From track to football, the Longhorns have won over 40 national championships.  That includes the 2005-2006 national championship for football that Texas won at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.  Over the years, UT athletes have captured 88 Olympic gold medals, including 19 at the 2004 games in Athens.  The school in Austin is also world-class when it comes to academics.


They've done quite well in table tennis, despite having only four tables on the Austin campus.  They meet for three vigorous practices every week.  UT coach Justin Chen, who played tennis in high school and started a high school table tennis club, took his talents to the Austin campus.  He played several years on the UT squad and served as club president.  "We try to cultivate new players, and try to emphasize good skills,'' Chen said as players on their lunch break room gobbled down sandwiches and fruit.  Others watched the live streaming of the April 12-14 tournament on a big screen TV.


During the tourney, Texas played their hearts out.  "We won the ones we were supposed to,'' says the 

Austin-born coach.  Playing in the NCTTA's South region with potent teams like Texas Wesleyan and Mississippi College isn't easy.  "The region is tough,'' says the 2012 UT electrical engineering graduate.  There are some obstacles in the Longhorns path, one facing many of the table tennis teams across the USA and Canada. "It's harder to recruit girls,'' Chen said.


The UT table tennis players strive to improve their game on campus, but also sharpen their skills at the Austin Table Tennis Club in the Texas capital city.  Who's on the University of Texas Table Tennis Team?  The UT men's/coed team consists of Cole Ryberg and Judy Chen, both of Dallas, Samson Chong of Hong Kong, and three who list Austin as their hometown: Chunyi Wang, Yi-Der Lin, and Caesar Salinas.  Coached by Diane Lee, the women's squad includes: Judy Chen, Chunyi Wang, Wenhui "Clover'' Zhao and Christine Cai, both of Austin, and Sylvia Wong of Dallas.  Wang is the only senior.  A 21-year-old English major, Cole Ryberg was a beginner last year and now he's a UT player on the rise with an 1800 rating. A 20-year-old sophomore who's a biology major, Judy Chen came into the NCTTA tourney ranked No. 20 in singles play for the women.


Look for Texas to make even more noise during the 2013-2014 season, white hats or not. A sharp leader who works in the software/engineering division at IBM, Coach Chen says the Texas team always brings a competitive spirit, a growing skill level and a deep sense of pride to their sport.  Burnt orange and white is a big part of the UT players' DNA.  "Our people love wearing Longhorns on their back."

Graduates Make Good

By Willy Leparulo
NCTTA Media Relations


Every Spring in the United States and Canada, 20-somethings leave the Collegiate world for the real world and this May 2013 is no different except for the fact we are talking about some College Table Tennis grads!  The NCTTA 2013 graduating class includes several people from all around the NCTTA map: Judy Hugh (Rutgers), Shaun Koh (Buffalo), David Llona, Michel Avey (South Florida), Jose Barbosa, Sara Fu Hazinski, Diego Walsh (TX Wesleyan), Karin Fukushima, Fernando Yamazato (Lindenwood), Cyrus Aga, Lucy Liu (Western Ontario), Gina Lin (Wisconsin), Alan Chu (Missouri),Yang Yu (Mississippi College) and pretty sure there are others we don't know about!


We here at NCTTA hope that these graduates continue to be a part of the College TT arena either as coaches for schools in their area, and we hope they still continue to play Table Tennis past their Collegiate days.  We really hope they will consider volunteering for the NCTTA once they are settled in their next adventure in life as well.  I think most would agree they enjoyed their time in NCTTA.  We will check in with a few folks to see what they are up to.


First, the large personality and larger in stature, David Llona.  Llona was "born" into College Table Tennis at the University of Central Florida through the tutelage of coach/friend/agent, John McInerney.  McInerney describes Llona at first meeting him "Dave Llona sticks out in a crowd.  Several things are quickly notable about him.  Most noticeably he is huge, second he is very warm and friendly, and third he has a grip unique to know one else.  There aren't many other players out there like him. In a sport that capitalizes on uniqueness, I knew Dave could become a standout in college table tennis." Uniqueness is exactly right, Table Tennis has the flexibility to include such styles and Llona fits the bill by becoming one of the top players in the southeast and even being offered a scholarship by Texas Wesleyan at one point!


Llona opted to stay in Florida and attend the University of South Florida to play his last year in NCTTA as an MBA student with the South Florida Bulls in a last fateful season where he helped them finish 12th in the Nation and win the NCTTA Superlative award for Most Improved school.  What is next for Llona?  McInerney, Llona's friend/coach, states confidently, "I can picture Dave becoming an ambassador for the sport.  He represents going your own path and sticking to your guns. Most of all, he works hard, which is a great example for anyone with goals and dreams."  The big kid with a strange playing style with tons of charisma and passion made good on his College Table Tennis years and we wish him the best of luck in the future.


In the past 4-5 years there was a collection of Brazilian-born College TT players that effected our sport positively. Collegiate TT fans may remember Augusto Bertone, Fred Cantarelli, Andre Irigoyen and of course Jose Barbosa who is graduating this May.  Barbosa started his Collegiate career at Lindenwood and later moved on to Texas Wesleyan for his Sophomore to Senior years.  Barbosa, if one can recall, was the last match at the 2013 Collegiate Championships.


Barbosa has won many accolades during his time at Lindenwood and TX Wesleyan, but this final match was a very personal and internal struggle that was shared with the world.  Barbosa states, "So I got this "extra" power to fight even more because I was not doing a good tournament until that moment, in Brazil we say like "I played more with the heart than with technique".  To anyone that saw this match live or on replay can personally feel all spectrums of emotion from anguish to jubilation.  This match marked his Collegiate career in many ways as some detractors would say that Barbosa played with less emotion then others, but mind you this match showed what Barbosa was always feeling when he played for his team, for his family and friends back home watching.  Barbosa said he felt guilty for a loss at the South Regionals early this season against Mississippi College and gained some sort of vindication with this win as well as it being his last match ever, "Maybe that's why I was fighting more than any other NCTTA tournament, even though I think I always fight my best but this year was more special".


Whatever the case, Barbosa had us glued to the match and he celebrated with his TX Wesleyan teammates as they would go on to claim their record 10th straight collegiate title.  Barbosa will return to his native Brazil from which he has not been since 2009, find a job and get settled.  We wish him the best of luck and hope to see him back in the USA one day!


Most of the graduates would agree with one of our graduates' assessment, Karin Fukushima (Lindenwood top female player) "I think NCTTA is awesome. I definitely had a lot of fun in all my NCTTA tournaments. I'm sad that now is over!" Karin will stay in the USA for the next year as will Gina Lin, University of Wisconsin-Madison grad who will stay to continue her master's degree but has run out of NCTTA eligibility.   Lin is still involved however as she is already a member of the NCTTA Coaches committee. Cyrus Aga, 2013 NCTTA Coach of the year, adds similar sentiments about NCTTA "Nothing gets me more motivated than the NCTTA".  Aga will graduate this Spring with a B.A. in Business Administration.


All good things do come to an end, but we at NCTTA like to think it isn't necessarily over because you can still play Table Tennis wherever you go (USA or otherwise), help out with your school (coach, etc), and then we REALLY hope you volunteer for NCTTA and help make it better for the future generations that come up. http://www.nctta.org/content/committee-signup-form


Best of luck to all of our graduates!
Florida State Alums Team Up at 2013 NCTTA Tournament

By Andy Kanengiser
Media Relations Committee Chair


There was no time for a meeting or the discussion of any agenda items. Together for about a minute at the 2013 NCTTA championships, the Florida State alums did the Seminoles famous chop, and smiled for the cameras at the Saturday evening banquet.


Their one shining moment captured by a few photos didn't last long. Call this the unofficial kickoff of an annual gathering of FSU Seminoles who live, eat and breathe collegiate table tennis year-round.


The NCTTA's FSU bunch stayed incredibly busy during the April 12-14 tournament in Rockford, Illinois.


NCTTA President Willy Leparulo, who works as a staffer at FSU's College of Engineering on the Tallahassee campus, arrived at the site, 60 miles from Chicago, days before the event unfolded April 12-14.


There was the business of converting the Forest City Table Tennis Center into a fabulous complex to host about 300 of the best collegiate table tennis players in North America.  Are there enough volunteers?  Will the local press cover the tourney?  Is everything hooked up for live streaming of the tourney?  Are there enough referees to go around?  What's going on with the weather around the USA?  Too many details, and not enough time to sleep.


With considerable help from NCTTA colleagues like Wanda Wong, folks in Rockford and other volunteers plowing into the endless tasks at the tourney, the work somehow got done, the sandwiches were devoured, and the table tennis games went on.


When Leparulo isn't hanging with the FSU table tennis team at the Bobby Leach Recreation Center on the Tallahassee campus, sending out countless emails and putting endless stuff on the NCTTA's Facebook site, he's getting help from his Seminole pals.


Back once again, FSU alum Joseph Wells serves as the NCTTA vice president. The organization's No. 2 man, Wells stayed on the go at the Rockford tournament 24/7. He got spectators juiced up when he tossed free table tennis shirts and other goodies into the stands.  Joseph handled much of the announcing duties at the NCTTA banquet at the Raddison Hotel. The Floridian supplied much of the insightful commentary on the NCTTA's live streaming broadcasts, and interviewed star players from Connecticut to Texas Wesleyan.


The man quietly working behind the scenes to make sure the live streaming, and high-tech communications equipment at the 2013 championship games went on without a hitch was Mike Hillard. He's a 2011 Florida State graduate with a degree in IT.  Mike is a pro at what he does.

A solid table tennis player from Mexico, 32-year-old Olma Zavala is a member of the Florida State table tennis team.  He's played on the national team in Mexico, and is presently seeking a doctorate in science computing at FSU.


Making his first appearance at the NCTTA nationals, Zavala was pressed into service as a cameraman for the live streaming broadcasts of Sunday's final few games.  Expecting to receive his doctorate in 2014, Olma plans to return to Mexico and become a researcher.  Zavala got interested in table tennis because his dad was a player and his coach in Mexico for many years.


Also another former FSU Seminole making his first appearance at these Championships is Fernando Rios, now of the University of Buffalo. Fernando was a member of the FSU Table Tennis club while doing his Masters in Computational Science (Olmo's PHD major choice!). Fernando is now doing his PHD in Geography at Buffalo.


Another proud member of the Florida State alums working at the tournament is NCTTA media relations chairman Andy Kanengiser, who penned stories and snapped pictures.

Back in the day (1975), Mr. K (he earned a master's in library science that year) was the FSU men's singles table tennis champion. Of course, that was before so many super players from China arrived on scores of USA college campuses!


"It's nice to see so many FSU people working like crazy to make for another successful NCTTA tournament," says Kanengiser, 61, a New Jersey native who serves as sponsor of the No. 2-ranked Mississippi College table tennis team.


"Really enjoyed our brief FSU reunion, but we also have a number of alums from other schools that pitch in to make collegiate table tennis a growing sport all over North America," he said. "We always welcome more help at the NCTTA, no matter what the college."


Leparulo, who got the FSU squad started from scratch several years ago and was among its stellar players, is pushing hard to get more alumni to give back to the NCTTA in some capacity in the coming years. "Whether they want to coach, run divisions or help serve on key committees, there are plenty of opportunities available in 2013-14,'' he said.


Led by head coach Jimbo Fisher, Florida State's winning football team, with its garnet and gold colors on display at Doak Campbell Stadium, is a big part of the university's brand. The team's star quarterback, E.J. Manuel, was a first round selection in the NFL draft in late April.


The university in the Florida Panhandle is well-known nationwide as a comprehensive research giant.  FSU is home to the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and the Center for Power Systems, among other things.  There's time to get away from the books and computers, too.  Students love to swim, sail, and spike volleyballs at the 73-acre FSU Reservation. Alums include actor Burt Reynolds, one of the first football players at FSU in the early 1950s, and singer Rita Coolidge. Table tennis is one of many competitive sports that's found its niche at the vibrant university in Tallahassee.

Georgia Tech Team Enjoys Midwest Trip

By Andy Kanengiser

NCTTA Media Relations Committee Chair 


It's another major tournament for Georgia Tech's table tennis team, and its veteran coach Ralph "Radar'' Presley.  Presley wears many hats in the NCTTA as the director of the Georgia division, and as an umpire at the championship games.  Been there, done that for Radar, but he relishes every moment at the NCTTA's Big Dance in April.


As for the Georgia Tech team, he says he's blessed to have excellent players every year.  Following the team tryouts (about 60 students register), Coach Presley selects the squad.  Georgia Tech is an easy sell for players around the world with its excellent academic reputation in engineering and other fields.


Georgia Tech offers no scholarships for table tennis stars, there's no advertising budget and no need to spend money on recruiting.  But the team gets a pretty good amount of support from the university in Atlanta to help with its expenses.  "We have a $7,000 budget now,'' Presley said.


Georgia Tech's coed team came into the tourney ranked No. 19 and features players like Martin Mueller from Germany, Jash Mehta and Vedant Ajmeera, both from India, Alvin Zhou of China, and Ludovic Iafrate of France. So it's an international squad of proven talent in the Peach State.


"This year, it's been a whole team changeover,'' Presley said during a break in the action Saturday morning near the Butterfly sales booth.

Coach Presley is heavily involved in other sports.  He's a leader of a minor league pro basketball team in Atlanta that plays games at the Christian academy where he works.  The team uses one of its hoops facilities named for a well-known academy alum, Los Angeles Lakers star Dwight Howard.


The interview and quick photo session was suddenly cut short.  An NCTTA official said it was time for Presley to go to work as a referee at the championship games.
Super Salesman Roger Dickson Promotes Table Tennis Around America

By Andy Kanengiser

NCTTA Media Relations Committee Chair 


Table tennis lover, coach, and super salesman Roger Dickson was a big part of the NCTTA's championship games.

"Table tennis is the No. 1 sport for your brain,'' Dickson advised a customer eyeing the purchase of the incredible Robo-Pong machine at the mid-April tournament in Rockford, Illinois.  "Tim, you really get a good workout...this is a great tool." 


Minutes after firing up the Newgy Industries device for a demonstration (it spits out nearly 100 balls in two minutes at various speeds), Dickson was delighted to sell the table tennis robot to Tim Ancona and his family.  "This will put a smile on your face," Dickson said. Inking the deal with another Newgy table tennis customer made the coach's journey to the Land of Lincoln much more satisfying.  But he also relishes the time just chatting with table tennis players and fans.  In addition, Roger enjoys giving tips to players to help improve their game.


After setting up shop at the 2013 National Collegiate table Tennis Association championships for three days, the hard-working salesman from Gallatin, Tennessee closed his booth, and was anxious to get to the next tournament on his busy schedule across the USA.


For Roger Dickson, it was his 9th year coming to the NCTTA championships, whether they are in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas, and now Illinois. Next year, Roger plans to be on hand for the 2014 NCTTA championships in Monroeville, Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh.  A winning decade with Dickson, some might call it.


Everybody, it seems, loves Newgy Industries and their low-cost, user-friendly robots.  There's no need to complain about nobody to play with. Turn on the amazing Newgy robot day or night, and there's plenty of table tennis action in your garage or basement. "It's got so much spin,'' said 15-year-old Brandon Ancona as he wacked one table tennis ball after another, with some reaching the nearby Butterfly exhibit. "This is pretty cool - it's kind of nice,'' his dad, Tim Ancona responded, as his wife, Karen, looked on.


A few yards away from the robot that never tires, the best collegiate table tennis players in North America battled each other for national championship trophies at the Forest City Tennis Center.


Perhaps Brandon Ancona would be joining the lineup of college stars in a few years. At the moment, Brandon plays tennis on his high school team, the Rockford Christian School.  He loves playing table tennis with his 18-year-old brother, Justin, and other members of his family.

By selling another Newgy Robot as the tournament wrapped up on April 14th, Dickson is hoping Brandon's game advances a few more levels and the entire family will get plenty of exercise and entertainment along the way.


Dickson doesn't just talk a good game for the Tennessee-based company located 20 minutes from Nashville.  Every year, Newgy Industries donates scholarships to talented collegiate table tennis players who excel in the classroom, too. At NCTTA headquarters, we are happy to have terrific sponsors like Newgy Industries and Butterfly at our championship games, and this year was no exception.


For more information, contact Newgy Industries at 615-452-6470 or visit the company website at www.newgy.com. Or reach Roger Dickson by email at roger@newgy.com
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Click here to get involved with this committee or others.

USATT Membership Discounts For NCTTA Graduates

NCTTA has recently teamed with USA Table Tennis to create a special opportunity where recent NCTTA grads can take advantage of a 2-year USATT membership for 62 percent off of the regular price.  Yes, you read that right 62% off.  USATT membership is the best way to stay involved with table tennis after graduation.  So take advantage of this great deal!


Read all about it at: nctta.org/alumni  


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