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Competition results will be posted here as the tournament progresses so that you can keep tabs on all the action: the triumphant victorious, crushing defeats and miraculous upsets.

Even better, take-in the spin, speed and athleticism of the TMS College Table Tennis Championships first hand. We've got some great spectator opportunities.

  • Detailed Team and Singles Results
  • Ratings Report

  • Women's and Coed Team Rosters
  • Women's Team Round Robin Groups
  • Coed Team Round Robin Groups
  • Women's Singles Championship Bracket
  • Men's Singles Championship Bracket
  • Women's Singles Consolation Bracket
  • Men's Singles Consolation Bracket
  • Women's Singles Round Robin Groups
  • Men's Singles Round Robin Groups
  • Women's Doubles Championship Bracket
  • Men's Doubles Championship Bracket

  • Women's Team Championship Bracket
  • Women's Team Consolation Bracket
  • Coed Team Championship Bracket
  • Coed Team Consolation 1 Bracket (13-18)
  • Coed Team Consolation 2 Bracket (19-24)