Participating Teams

Teams that have qualified


At-large Wildcard team:

University of Southern California

NYC Division Champion:


NYC Division Runner up:

Columbia University

Florida Division Champion:

Florida State University

Texas Division Champion:

Texas Wesleyan University

Texas Division Host Wildcard:

Tarelton State University

Kansas Division Champion:

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Ohio Division Champion:

Ohio State University

Ohio Division Runner up:

University of Kentucky

Upstate NY Champion:

University of Toronto

Upstate NY Runner up:


Carolina Division Champion:

Duke University

Virginia Division Champion:

University of Virginia

Virginia Division Runner up:

Virginia Tech

Georgia Division Champion:

Auburn University

New England Division Champion:

Harvard University

New England Division Runner up:

Boston University

Southern California Division Champion:

University of California,

San Diego

Mid Atlantic Division Champion:

Princeton University

Dixie Division Champion:

University of Southern Mississippi

Northern California Division Champion:

University of California,


Northwest Division Champion:

University of Washington

Midwest Division Champion:

Illinois Institute of Technology

Note: Divisions with 8-10 schools have two representatives


Dixie Division Representative:

University of Southern Mississippi

Virginia Division Representative:

Virginia Tech

Southern California Representative:

University of Southern


Florida Division Representative:

University of Florida

Ohio Division Representative:

Ohio State University

New England Division Representative:


New York City Division Representative:

Columbia University

Northern California Division Representative:

Stanford University

Mid Atlantic Division Representative:

Johns Hopkins University

Upstate NY Division Representative:

University of Toronto

Texas Division Representative:

Baylor University

Texas Division Host Wild card:

Texas Wesleyan University